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All Players must complete player waivers. Players who don't complete the waiver are not eligible to participate in league.

Registration will be done as an individual.A captain/coach can create a team for individuals to sign up and join.Free agents may register and be placed on a team if available

Registration must be completed by the posted deadline in order to be eligible for 1st week or games. Players that register after the deadline are not guaranteed to be eligible for 1st game.

Refunds cannot be provided to individual players after the League has begun. League is non-refundable.

All players must be 16 or older to participate in the Adult League.

All players must provide a photo ID before the game. The ID must include a photo, name, and D.O.B. If unable to provide a valid ID you will be unable to play that game.

A minimum of 10 players is required for a team to be considered for league play. You are allowed a maximum roster of 24players.You are allowed a max of 14 players participating at one game.


Guest players are not allowed. All players must be on a roster and have a waiver on file.

Rosters are printed at 3:30PM on game day. If players do not register before 3:30PM they will not be on the roster for that evening's game and will not be able to play.
Players may only play on one team per league. A league is defined as a Gender and level. There is a possibility of different divisions in each league. If a given division has two levels, you may only participate in one level in that division. Example: League: Men's Open Division: Division 1; you would not be able to participate in Division 2

If a team has a player(s) not on the roster, the team will forfeit the game and a 0-3 score will be recorded.The team will then be reviewed by Adult Committee for further sanctions.


Teams may elect to provide their own uniforms. Teams that do, must also have an alternate colored shirt so teams don’t match. Alternate shirt must meet uniform standards.

Teams may elect to have uniforms provided by the league. Teams electing to have league issued uniforms must have their order posted by the deadline date. Teams may suggest colors but the League Director will have final say on color in order to avoid conflict throughout the year. Shirts are $11

All Uniforms must have a number visible on the back of their shirt.

Teams must have matching uniforms and each player must have their own uniform. Trading uniforms during a substitution or off the field of play is not permitted. Referees will have final say whether the uniform is matching and up to standards.

If a team has player(s) not in uniform playing, the team will forfeit the match and a score of 0-3 will be recorded. The game may still be played as long as the other team agrees to the match.

All Players must wear shinguards during all play.

No Jewerly of any kind may be worn during games. It shall be the referee’s decision on whether taping of the jewelry will be suffice and safe.


All play will be governed by FIFA Laws except the following adaptations for 7v7 Format

You must have at least 5 players to begin play or the game will be forfeited. The clock will begin running when the referee signals the game to start. You will have a 15 minute grace period before your game will be called.

Games can be rescheduled permitting that both teams agree on a time and place to play the game. All regular season games must take place before the scheduled playoffs of the division or Championship game. All reschedules are subject to approval of the League Director.

Anyone not in a uniform will not be permitted on the field during games. It is the teams’ playing responsibility to keep their fans outside the fences. Referees will not start or allow games to continue unless all fans are outside the fences. Stoppage in play because of this will not be made up during the game.

Substitutions: may be made on any dead-ball situation (corner kicks, throw-ins, free kicks, etc.). All substitutes must petition the official before entering the field of play.

Slide Tackling: in not permitted at anytime. Goalkeepers are permitted to slide as long as they do not tackle feet first and it is not in an attempt to disrupt play. Referees will be responsible for determining intent.

All slide tackles: will result in a direct kick. If the infraction occurs in the box, a penalty kick will be awarded.

Goal Keeper Distribution: may not punt the ball or drop kick it over half field. Infraction of this rule will result in a direct free kick from the point where the ball crossed midfield.

Off-Sides: only applies to those players who are in an offsides position in the opposing teams penalty area when the ball is played. Players outside the penalty area cannot be in an offside position. This includes the out areas of the box and not just the top of the penalty area.


Playoff seeding will be determined by regular season point standings.

3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

No game score will be recorded higher than 10 goal differential.

Tie breakers are1. Head to Head2. Goal Differential3. Goals Against

Playoff games tied after Regulation will go to a 5 minute sudden victory overtime period. The team that scores first in the overtime period wins.

If the game is still tied after the overtime period, the game will go to penalty kicks governed by FIFA Law.


Teams must field at least 2 female players at all times.

Teams unable to field the required number of female players, will play down that amount of female players absent from the field.


All players on Men’s Over 30 must be or be turning 30 during the season.

Teams playing with players under-age will forfeit every match the underage player participated in with a score of 0-3 being recorded.

Men’s Over 40 may have 3 over 35 players rostered on their team

Only 2 over 35 players may participate in one game.


The Adult League Committee will serve as the Disciplinary Committee for excess discipline issues. The Adult League Committee will consist of no less than 2 Full Time Club Staff Members and may consist of league members to create a committee of no more than 5 people. The Committee will hear all issues referred to them by Adult League Staff.
Members will have the opportunity to appeal any Committee rulings to the Club Executive Director.

Players receiving 2 yellow cards in a game will be suspended from the next game. Referees will note the player served the sit-out on the game day roster. The player is not required to be present at the sit-out match.

Players who attempt to play during a suspension will be suspended for the rest of the season.

Players receiving a straight red card will serve a one game suspension as outlined above.

Player receiving a second red card during seasonal play will serve his/her one game suspension plus an additional 2 game suspension, resulting in a 3 match ban. This ban can carry over from season to season.

Additional Red Card will result in suspension for the rest of the season.

Any match that involves a fight will be terminated immediately. The game will not be rescheduled and the two teams will not receive any score or points for that game. The two teams forfeit their right to a guaranteed 8 games. The game will be reviewed by the Adult League Committee.
Players involved in fight will receive an automatic 3 game suspension - this suspension can carry over into next season. (Potential year suspension)

Teams with excessive yellow and red cards will be subject to a review of Adult League Committee.


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